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Membership: What's in it for me?

ACA's April 2018 high-level snapshot of the association’s recent accomplishments coupled with updates on various projects is available for download.  If you have ever wondered what you're getting for your annual dues, this is the publication to review.

Topics covered include compliance, legislation, education, and advocacy.  DOWNLOAD

Economic Impact of Third-Party

Debt Collection

ACA International released the 2017 Ernst & Young survey which provides an in-depth overview of the economic importance of the third-party debt collection industry on the U.S. and individual state economies.

Based on data from 2016, the report details the industry’s contribution to employment, asset recovery and other fiscal categories.  Since 2013, the last year a similar survey was conducted, the amount of debt collected has increased by 42 percent, which translates to a return of $67.6 billion to creditors in 2016.

Key state findings of this landmark study include:

For more detailed reports,

visit ACA International's Industry News page.

Annual Board of Director Elections slated for September 17

Nominations now being accepted

The Annual Board of Directors election will be conducted during the Monday, September 17 MACA Annual Membership Meeting scheduled in conjunction with NEDCC EXPO in Atlantic City. The MACA Annual Meeting begins at 5:15 PM.

Eleven board seats are open for election, and MACA is actively soliciting board candidates for nomination.

What does a Board member do?

Unlike for-profit businesses and corporations, organizations like MACA are "owned" by the members.  The board of directors is the group of volunteers representing the members at large, and protecting the interests of those members.

In addition to taking responsibility for the organization's legal and ethical obligations to its members, boards shoulder the responsibility of providing guidance to the organization by managing the organization, and identifying and leading other volunteers.

Although MACA retains the services of a part-time association manager to support the Board's vision in a tactical way like managing membership and course and seminar logistics, it's often hard to distinguish between what the board does, and what the organization accomplishes.

Generally, the Board:

    Ensures that MACA adheres to its guiding principals;
    Makes sure MACA is accountable to its members;
    Makes the big decisions for the future;
    Protects the organization's reputation;
    Supports other volunteers so they, too, can contribute to various initiatives

In a nutshell, Board members are heavy-lifters for a volunteer organization, ambassadors first for the professional, and second for the organization. Board members lend their name and reputation to the organization. Board members provide leadership, guidance, and the resource of time.

If you are interested in serving as a MACA Board Member for a one-year term ending September 2019, download the Candidate Interest Form, complete it, and return no later than Friday, September 7.

Candidate Interest Packet

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